The California LGBT Tobacco Education Partnership in partnership with
SF Pride is proud to announce that for the first time large sections of the
Pride Festival will be designated as Smoke-Free Spaces.  These spaces
include the Elder Space, Family Garden, Hairrison Bear Garden, Faerie
Freedom Village and Out Word Writers Village.  These smoke-free spaces
will provide access to freedom from second-hand smoke for all, but
especially those with HIV/AIDS, people with heart disease, asthma, seniors
and youth who are particularly vulnerable to the negative health effects of
second-hand smoke.  Also, in keeping with SF Pride’s vision of a “zero
waste” Green and Clean festival, the smoke-free spaces will reduce the
surprising amount of cigarette related litter that is thrown on the ground
each year.

Taking this year’s theme to heart, we seek to:

Commemorate those in the LGBT Community who have needlessly lost
their lives to tobacco related illnesses.

Educate our community regarding the tobacco industry’s targeting of the
LGBT Community and the disproportionate rates at which we smoke.

Liberate members of the LGBT Community who have chosen to do so,
from tobacco addiction through LGBT friendly cessation programs such as

Celebrate clean air and improved health for our entire community.

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From Santa Cruz Pride website:

This year, Santa Cruz Pride is becoming the fist queer pride in California to be tobacco-
free; the city’s new policy making San Lorenzo Park a smoke-free zone is well-timed, but
our decision came about because of the very alarming rate of tobacco use in the queer
community, the dire health effects of smoking tobacco, and the very grave health risks of
second-hand smoke. To make things a bit less painful, we will be providing what we’re
calling the Zen Zone – a place where smokers can get a bit of help with quitting, from
acupuncturists, hypnotherapists and other health professionals.

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Other great smoke-free
Pride celebrations can be
found in
San Gabriel Valley
and in
For more information about San Diego Pride visit:
Twin Cities Pride 2009  (Minnesota) partnered with Rainbow Health Initiative to develop
and implement its first ever large-scale area dedicated entirely to LGBTQ health and
wellness. This completely smoke-free area included classes on yoga, Qi-Gong, and hula
hooping for fitness. The area also included Minnesota-specific health resource
information, a photo booth to commemorate participants' Pride experience, karaoke, face
painting, glitter tattoos and fun give-away items. Over 30 Twin Cities-based organizations
opted to be included in this smoke-free health area. This was a big step for Twin Cities
Pride, an organization known for its innovation and creativity. Keep your eyes on Twin
Cities Pride and Rainbow Health Initiative to see what is coming next year!